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Learn how to enable an efficient, responsive, customer order fulfillment supply chain that exceeds consumer expectations

As e-commerce sales boom and consumer expectations increase, retailers need a new strategy to cost-effectively build customer satisfaction and further fuel growth.

Yet many retailers still struggle to provide the variety of order orchestration options that consumers expect in the crucial “last mile” of an order’s lifecycle.

This white paper explores the capabilities needed to enable an efficient, responsive customer order fulfillment supply chain that delivers what customers expect, while achieving the operational efficiency that today's retailers require.

It explores a wide variety of cross-channel customer order fulfillment processes, and describes how IBM Sterling Order Management helps companies enable and improve them.

In addition, it describes how IBM order orchestration capabilities can help solve critical business issues such as:

  • Providing customers with the flexibility to pick up online orders from a brick and mortar store
  • Offering the convenience of returning online purchases to a local store
  • Eliminating out-of-stocks that lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers

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