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Learn to effectively justify a strategic managed file transfer initiative by leveraging these 7 steps

Putting together a business case doesn’t rank high on most IT executives’ lists of favorite activities, or yours.

Nonetheless, the ability to justify a strategic MFT initiative that reaches beyond your company’s four walls is critical, as it is involved the integration of all your file movement technologies, as well as collaboration with your customers, partners, and suppliers.

With so much at stake, the business case and ROI analysis will come under rigorous scrutiny from senior executives and business managers at your company.

This informative white paper—7 Steps to Building a Compelling Managed File Transfer Business Case—provides seven steps that will assist you in building a comprehensive business case and ROI analysis for MFT which can help you increase your chance of gaining approval.  

The topics it covers includes:

  • Securing executive sponsorship
  • Framing the problem in business terms
  • Building realistic cost-benefit pictures, including indirect benefits
  • Establishing key vendor solution selection criteria
  • And more

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