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IBM Solutions Guide

Industry standards are intended to simplify the exchange of data with external business partners. Across healthcare, financial services, supply chain, insurance and many other industries, standards-based data has helped enterprises eliminate manual processes, accelerate data exchange and build business-to-business (B2B) value chains.

Yet the B2B value chain continues to grow more complex, as does the challenge of supporting and managing ever-shifting data standards and formats across hundreds or thousands of partners.

In this IBM solutions guide, Standards processing: The key to simplifying B2B integration, you'll learn how to streamline the value chain with universal transformation of industry standards data, including how to:

  1. Connect your systems to your partners and customers

  2. Automate manual processes inside and outside the enterprise

  3. Collaborate  across the value chain through actionable information

  4. How successful implementation of Industry Standards and B2B can synchronize value chains, create efficiencies and reveal opportunities to deliver new value

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