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Learn why an order management system plays a critical role in meeting customer expectations, and which OMS capabilities are essential for omnichannel 

Based on extensive research and engagements with hundreds of retailers and brands, this informative report from research firm FitForCommerce explores:

  • The challenges retailers and brands face in meeting omnichannel customer expectations
  • The critical role of a centralized, omnichannel order management system
  • Where ERP, homegrown systems and e-commerce platforms have fallen short, and the resulting impact on the business
  • The OMS capabilities required to execute complex orders, support operations and deliver on the omnichannel promise
IFitForCommercen addition, this report includes a checklist of the essential capabilities required to address complex processes, ensure positive customer experiences, and to scale to meet tomorrow’s requirements.

“We often experience retailers thinking of order management in terms of order capturing and routing, which are indeed the main functions of an OMS. But, in reality, an OMS is really the brain behind the operations and offers capabilities that make omnichannel retail less daunting, operationally.”  - Bernadine Wu, FitForCommerce

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