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Improve the Way You Define, Track and Manage Your File Transfer Service Level Agreements

The use of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as part of the service delivery management process is on the rise for external use, internal use, and outsourcing agreements.

Are you initiating the setup of SLAs? Are your customers requesting it? Do you need to do so for compliance-related requirements?

If you’re going to succeed, you’ll need do your homework.

This white paper—The Five Critical SLA Questions for Managed File Transferidentifies the five critical steps you should take before you define your Service Level Agreements.  It provides ideas and insights around:

  • Identifying how service effectiveness will be measured
  • Monitoring and reporting SLAs so they are reliable and trustworthy
  • Making your MFT SLAs more meaningful
  • How IBM Sterling Control Center can help to track and measure performance

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