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Learn How Cognitive Capabilities are Reshaping B2B Networks and the Supply Chain

The supply chain is experiencing a period of significant change. Changing business and customer requirements are putting new and greater pressures on the business, and emerging technologies are offering intriguing ways of working.

Indeed, digital transformation is poised to change the supply chain more profoundly than any other functional area and more dramatically than at any point in its history.

In the context of the challenges facing supply chains, it has become clear that the old ways of working will not suffice and that even best-in-class performance today is unlikely to be good enough in the future.

IDC's perspective is that the supply chain must become a "thinking" supply chain—one that is intimately connected to data sources such as social sentiment and the IoT, enabled with comprehensive and fast analytics, openly collaborative through cloud-based commerce networks, conscious of cyberthreats, and cognitively interwoven. 

View this IDC report to learn:

  • The benefits of a digitally enabled, "thinking" supply chain
  • How to close the “attention” and “analytics” gaps
  • How to move towards embracing cognitive technology 

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