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Part 2:  Supporting the 3 Key Segments of B2B Commerce

Lightwell and the Aberdeen Group have joined forces to create an educational video series on B2B and B2C Convergence in Commerce. View Part 2 of the series, Supporting the 3 Key Segments of B2B Commerce below. Lightwell’s Lori Angalich and Bryan Ball, Research Director for Aberdeen’s Supply Chain and Supply Management research practice, discuss the changing B2B customer demands associated with this transformation, including inventory visibility, workflow approvals, custom pricing, and volume discounts. 


Next: View part 3 of the video series: 5 Best Practice Steps for Meeting the Requirements of B2B and B2C Convergence or return to the video series home page for a complete list.



Bryan Ball
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Supply Chain Management
Aberdeen Group

With over 30 years of supply chain, operations and materials management experience acquired across multiple product lines and serving several markets, Ball brings a high level of knowledge and insight on the challenges and opportunities facing supply chain practitioners worldwide.  
Lori Angalich

Lori Angalich
Vice President, Marketing

Over the last 19 years, Lori has focused on helping companies overcome challenges and achieve competitive advantages through technology.  She has worked with hundreds of companies across a wide variety of industries, assisting them with initiatives around e-commerce, omnichannel, CRM, B2B integration, file transfer, ERP, and more.  




Lightwell and IBM B2B Commerce


Lightwell and IBM B2B Commerce

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