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Learn about the strategic impact of B2B integration and collaboration on your operations, customer satisfaction and profitability

Escalating customer demands, increasing complexity and lack of visibility are just a few of the key issues driving organizations to improve their B2B integration and collaboration capabilities.

Unfortunately, when considering a B2B initiative, the ROI discussion is often limited to the cost savings resulting from automating transactions. But that's only the beginning of the discussion.

Abredeen-Lw-video-screen.pngResearch reveals that organizations leading the way in terms of optimizing B2B collaboration experience benefits reaching far and wide—from lower inventory costs to improved customer satisfaction to increased gross margins. 

Just how big are these improvements? How do they accomplish this? And what are these organizations doing differently?  

Find out in this interactive, on-demand videocast featuring Aberdeen Group Principal Analyst Bryan Ball and Chris Halvorson of Lightwell. They tackle these questions and discuss:

  • The top business pressures driving B2B integration and collaboration improvements
  • The key performance metrics impacted by B2B collaboration, and how that translates into dollars
  • The capabilities and initiatives that differentiate the "leaders" from the "followers"
  • How organizations can overcome internal and external challenges to drive the greatest return on their B2B initiatives


Bryan_Ball Bryan Ball
Vice President, Principal Analyst, Supply Chain Management
Aberdeen Group

With over 30 years of supply chain, operations and materials management experience acquired across multiple product lines and serving several markets, Ball brings a high level of knowledge and insight on the challenges and opportunities facing supply chain practitioners worldwide.


chris_halvorsonChris Halvorson
Vice President, 
B2B Integration and
Supply Chain  Management Solutions

Chris is responsible for the growth and direction of Lightwell's largest consulting practice. With over 20 years of industry experience, Halvorson leads a team of specialized sales, engagement managers and consultants focused on bringing world class integration solutions to today's Fortune 1000 companies.