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In this on-demand webcast, Aberdeen Group Principal Analyst Bryan Ball is joined by John Mesberg of IBM and Chris Halvorson of Lightwell to present:

  1. Research on the drivers and impact of Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) and cloud-based file transfer services

  2. The use and adoption of cloud deployment for B2B Integration and MFT

  3. The benefits, best practices, and key considerations for your organization moving forward

  4. Insights gained through actual deployments

  5. Important technology and resource considerations, and the pros and cons of different cloud deployment options

Register today to view the webcast, compliments of Lightwell and IBM.

Bryan Ball
Bryan Ball
Aberdeen Group Vice President, Principal Analyst, Supply Chain Management

Bryan is responsible for developing Aberdeen's research coverage within the practice and delivering findings via published works, speaking engagements, on-line events and media interaction.

Chris Halvorson Lightwell
Chris Halvorson
Lightwell VP of B2B and Commerce Solutions
Chris is responsible for the growth and direction of our largest consulting practice. Halvorson leads a team of specialized sales, engagement managers and consultants focused on bringing world class integration solutions to today's Fortune 1000 companies.

John Mesberg
John Mesberg
IBM Vice President, B2B and Commerce Solutions

John is responsible for bringing value to companies through an expanded suite of solutions including powerful eCommerce capabilities, market-leading order management products, innovative optimization and logistics solutions, and extensive B2B integration capabilities.


On-Demand Webcast