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Hear proven approaches for overcoming today's file transfer challenges

As your company continues to grow, so does the need to send and receive critical files internally and externally.  Like many companies, yours may have used a variety of tools and approaches to meet file transfer demands—including FTP, email, scripted custom programs, and online file sharing services. This may have been manageable…at first.


However, with today’s requirements around improving security, meeting SLAs, communicating with more partners and customers, and managing the explosive growth in files—these approaches may be causing some serious pain for your IT staff and your company.

View this webcast from Lightwell and IBM to learn about these file transfer challenges and how companies are overcoming them.  We discuss:

  • How to reduce the time, effort and cost involved in managing multiple file transfer systems, tracking down errors, resolving issues, and onboarding partners
  • Capabilities that can help your company avoid costly SLA penalties and data breaches
  • Securing and monitoring a growing number of internal and external touchpoints
  • Future-proofing your file transfer capabilities while making the most of your existing technology investments 

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