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Healthcare organizations are facing many new demands, including those around member/patient experience and transparency, API connectivity, security and privacy, and real-time processing. 

At the same time, the healthcare value chain is evolving, with new lines of business, new service providers, exchanges, payment models, and more.  

As a result of these changes and new demands, many organizations face challenges around the complex healthcare claims process—including delays that could result in penalties or fines, ensuring HIPAA compliance, lack of visibility, pain from audits, and reporting headaches. 

Lightwell developed the Healthcare B2B Gateway to help organizations overcome these challenges. In this webinar, we'll explore:

  • New demands in the healthcare claims value chain
  • A healthcare claim's life and challenges for healthcare organizations
  • How the Lightwell Healthcare Gateway helps organizations overcome these challenges
  • Benefits to Healthcare organizations and their partners

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Byron Hall

Byron Hall, Lightwell

Byron is a Solution Architect with over 17 years in the B2B, MFT, standards and transformation space. His specialties include solution design for complex B2B value chains for organizations of all sizes and industry verticals.  Byron has extensive experience with WTX/ITX as a customer as well as at IBM, where he assisted numerous clients across industries with their solution design requirements.   

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