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Go from Big Data hype to Big Data insights. 

People love to talk about the potential of Big Data. But what’s the path to actually getting the answers that matter for your business? Who’s doing it―and how? 

Through our partnership with Qlik®, we’re offering access to the on-demand webinar CTO Outlook: Big Data Get Real. Watch Qlik’s CTO and Cloudera’s Senior VP of Product explain how to:

  • Easily manage and analyze a combination of different data sources
  • Accelerate your data-driven decisions
  • Maximize your existing investment in Big Data

Check out the webinar to begin your journey toward a higher ROI on Big Data. 

Presented by:

Anthony Deighton, Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President, Products, Qlik
Charles Zedlewski, Senior Vice President, Products, Cloudera
Mike Saliter, Vice President, Industry Solutions and Global Accounts, Qlik
Qlik partner

On-Demand Webinar