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The Essential Guide to Accelerating Cloud Adoption

Step-by-Step Guidance for Optimizing the Business Value of the Cloud

Gain valuable insights for accelerating the success of your Cloud initiative

Explore how to optimize the value of your Cloud investments, including leveraging a proven Cloud Adoption Framework to accelerate success. Throughout this multi-part webinar series, our team will share insights and guidance around: 

  • Why you need a Cloud strategy and how to build one
  • How to plan effectively for your Cloud initiative
  • Ensuring a successful Cloud migration
  • Increasing Cloud adoption across your organization
  • Best practices for governing and managing your implementation

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Get a Preview: View the first webinar in the series below to learn about trends driving cloud initiatives, common migration challenges and failure points, and how a Cloud Adoption Framework can help. No registration is required. 

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Sessions in the Accelerating Cloud Adoption Webinar Series

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Webinar Series Presenters

Lightwell - Michael Cardillo

Michael Cardillo
VP, IT Strategy & Digital Transformation

Lighwell - Jason Cochran

Jason Cochran
Director, Cloud Solutions