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Securely unlock enterprise data and services for the digital economy with an integrated API foundation 

Today’s leading enterprises are undergoing a digital transformation. They are diving into the API economy, in which businesses provide services—and the services of partners—when and where customers want them. They are connecting existing enterprise applications, data and services to new channels of personalized customer engagement.

APIs are essential for this. They act as the digital glue that links services, applications and systems together to create compelling customer experiences.

APIs make it quick and cost-effective to create the interfaces between back-end systems and front-end applications so new digital services can get to market sooner, and organizations can rapidly open new revenue channels and expand market reach.

However, APIs and the related microservice-based applications they feed into must be created, run, managed and secured across their lifecycle. Each stage poses a challenge that organizations must address to ensure success in the API economy.

View this white paper to explore:

  • How to simplify your journey into the API economy
  • The key benefits API Connect can deliver across the organization
  • How to choose from flexible offerings that grow with needs

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