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Provide Superior Customer Service with Mobile Tools for Store Associates

Mobile applications can help store associates handle many of the customer needs in the store without needing to direct the customer to a terminal.

This includes out-of-stock situations, where the store associate could obtain real-time information on product inventory availability directly from a mobile device, and then guide the customer how to best obtain the product.

The store associate can also search for an order that was placed in a another channel, such as the call center or an eCommerce site, and make changes to that order for the customer. The result is a greatly improved responsiveness to the customer’s need.

View this white paper to explore:

  • Why the physical store remains a key component of a retailer’s omni-channel strategy
  • How to improve the customer experience
  • The benefits of empowering store associates with mobile tools for operational efficiency
  • Why enable store managers to better manage omni-channel operations

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