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Learn how cognitive technology has the power to transform your business 

A critical task of business and IT leadership is understanding how the development and evolution of new technologies will impact your business and industry. Some technologies cause ripples, while others cause waves of transformation and disruption.

Today, we're seeing a new wave of highly-transformative and potentially disruptive technologies emerging, most notably artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

Of these, technology leaders and analysts point to artificial intelligence, also known as cognitive technology, as perhaps the most transformative of our era. Cognitive technologies can understand all forms of data and continually learn about that data and related subjects and processes. Analysts advise CIOs and IT leaders to begin evaluating how cognitive technology will transform their business, IT and B2B Networks.   

View this white paper to explore:

  • How cognitive technology could optimize and transform your B2B networks
  • The value of cognitive-enabled transactional intelligence, and partner performance monitoring
  • How to leverage cognitive technologies to build a business network with increased speed, efficiency, and agility
  • Highlights of the IBM Supply Chain Business Network and how it can help you

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