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Speed your time to market, improve your customer experience and reduce risk with IBM DataPower Gateway

Now more than ever, organizations must focus on the quality of their interactions with customers and business partners, and innovate across more channels than ever—via web and mobile platforms, in the cloud, and through applications and services made possible by application programming interfaces (APIs).

As an enabling technology, APIs are rapidly making this new digital economy and the accompanying opportunities for growth not only increasingly possible, but more pervasive every day.

Success in the digital economy requires organizations to transform their client and business-to- business interactions while also ensuring security across a diverse ecosystem.

View this white paper to explore:

  • New security concerns around multi-channel interactions and transactions
  • How organizations can meet the security challenges of the digital economy
  • Five key scenarios on how IBM DataPower Gateway can help address security needs across channels
  • How to amplify and simplify security with the IBM multi-channel security gateway

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