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A technical overview of IBM Partner Engagement Manager

Many companies have a complex and sometimes global mix of trading partners (suppliers, partners and customers) they do business with and often times have large, cross-functional teams of personnel involved in their onboarding process.

This team often ranges from IT staff, to Supplier / Customer Relationship Managers, to legal and administrative staff. This large mix of external partners and internal staff—exchanging administrative and technical connectivity information that’s routinely changingis a challenging, burdensome and inherently slow process. Furthermore, there is little or no enterprise visibility into the state of each partner’s onboarding journey.

So on-boarding each one and the documents that get exchanged and managing the relationships on an on-going basis can be challenging, especially when relying on a largely manual process. 

To address this need and provide a better approach to onboarding, IBM offers IBM Partner Engagement Manager (PEM)In this white paper we explore the PEM solution in-depth, including:

  • PEM Features
  • PEM Architecture
  • Deployment approaches

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Complimentary White Paper