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Discover Leading Contact Verification Strategies

full 92 percent of marketing leaders surveyed in Ascend2’s benchmark report say valid customer contact data is “very important” to their success. However, only 38 percent verify contact data weekly or more often, and 16 percent never verify at all.

Informatica and Ascend2’s key benchmark report, Contact Data Verification Strategies for Marketing and Sales, outlines the challenges and initiatives of more than 170 marketing and sales leaders who work to ensure their customer contact data remains up to date. 

Download this report to find out how industry leaders:

  • Use solutions to validate contact data in real time.  
  • Rank the importance of their contact data. 
  • Offer a great customer experience by investing in contact data verification. 

Improve engagement with your prospects and customers with trusted, verified data. Download the research today and start improving the quality of your customer data. 

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