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Get Strategic With Enterprise Data Governance 

Whether your data-driven digital transformation is fueled by compliance, customer centricity initiatives, or a wholesale makeover of your business model, intelligent data governance has a vital role to play.

Transformative businesses implement data governance that is holistic, yet enables them to remain agile and competitive. These pivotal businesses take a “just enough” approach to data governance.

This eBook describes what “just enough” data governance looks like, including the 10 facets that make up a data governance framework.

It gives you a roadmap to build critical mass in strategic data governance projects. It’s a resource-efficient route to enterprise data governance that helps you:

  • Gain stakeholder recognition and support for data governance.
  • Identify the most valuable quick win to launch your initiative with strong momentum.
  • Build toward the 10 facets of a sound data governance framework.

If you’re leading data-driven digital transformation initiatives, then this eBook is essential reading for you! Please complete the form on this page to receive Just Enough Data Governance eBook today.

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