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Create a Transparent, Intelligent, and Predictive Supply Chain

Digital business is changing how we conduct business. It is both connecting and blurring the lines between the digital and physical worlds. It's changing how businesses communicate, transact and interact with customers, suppliers and partners. And it's accelerating the pace of business in a world already operating 24/7.

In this environment, how do businesses not only keep pace—but stay ahead of the competition? How do they adapt to—and exceedever-evolving global customer expectations? And how do they weather increasing volatility and risks?

Their ability to do so is largely dependent on their supply chain, where as much as 65 percent of the value of a company’s products or services is derived from suppliers.1

Suppliers and the supply chain impact everything from the quality, delivery and costs of a business’s products and services, to customer service and satisfaction, and ultimately profitability.

View this white paper to explore real-world examples of how companies can:

  • Establish greater transparency and visibility across their supply chains
  • Predict and proactively mitigate supply chain disruptions and risk 
  • Connect and build stronger business relationships 
  • Leverage IBM Watson Supply Chain cognitive capabilities to elevate performance and empower people


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1 CAPS Research, Institute for Supply Management, Cross-Industry Report of Standard Benchmarks


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