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The ability to interact with customers across multiple channels, and have access to data about the customer, is becoming a standard business operating procedure rather than a competitive differentiator. Organizations that are not thinking about their omnichannel strategies will be quickly eclipsed by competitors.

However, delivering omnichannel experiences requires much more than connecting system A to system B. Rather, it requires enabling old systems and new systems to seamlessly coexist and deliver what customers want, while being able to quickly support any channel or touchpoint need that emerges in the future.  

An API-led connectivity approach can enable this and is a critical part of an omnichannel strategy. View this MuleSoft white paper to learn:

  • The role of API-led connectivity in omnichannel
  • Detailed case studies of customers that have achieved their omnichannel goals and strong business outcomes through API-led connectivity
  • How an application network helps to accelerate the omnichannel journey 

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